Friday, July 31, 2009

Motowheels 1098 Project

We ended up getting a yellow one. We will be going to a full carbon body
soon, so it really did not matter. The mat titanium finish would go good with
the new paint scheme we have in mind.

Spoiled with the easy pull of the Surflex slipper clutch, the first thing we had
to do was change the slave cylinder with a 30mm STM ( the easiest pull on the
market). We will be putting in a Surflex slipper clutch on the bike as soon as we can get the right clutch nut....
In the meantime we will probably run a Speedymoto pressure plate and 10 spoke
clutch cover to match the wheels ( until the BST wheels go on..

Note the shift linkage is swapped over 180 degrees for reverse shift. A
Speedymoto water pump cover will go on next week. we want to run the bike this
week some more to see if we get any temperature differences with the Speedymoto
water pump cover and Engine Ice. It should be in the mid 90's all week here in
the Valley.

We are taking our time with this bike because I want to try out all the mods as we build the bike.
We are going to try a few different exhaust systems to see what we like the best. We started with a Quat-D slip-on since it did not need a PC3. We tried it with and with out the DB killers (click on picture for
sound file):

With the db killer in place, we could probably run it at Laguna Seca with no
additional tuning. The magnesium end pieces come off in minutes to remove the DB
killers. This exhaust also comes with two removable cats...

The next thing was an easy to remove and lightweight billet fuel cap. We chose
the quick release 1098 cap:

The Carbon fender was good for about a pound weight loss...

For a little added insurance we added Speedymoto underbody frame sliders to protect the
battery, water pump and radiator on the left:

and the radiator and clutch on the right:

notice the missing carbon canister...

We replaced the bar ends with some weighted Rhinomoto bar ends since we want to
run bar end mirrors instead of the OEM mirrors:

We may end up sliding the controls up on the bar and run these bar end turn
signals instead--since we will lose the turn signals by removing the mirrors:

Pulled a 'Ducati RH "Euro" Light/Starter Switch" off the shelf to fit up on
the 1098. It bolts right on. The switch is great for track days and to give it a
little more power to start on those cold mornings...

Found some carbon heel guards on the shelf. I thought it would be a good idea to
"test fit" them on the 1098...

These will have to do until we get some billet rear sets in.

We dressed up the clutch with a black 'SpeedyMoto Clutch Cover: "10 Spoke", a black 'SpeedyMoto Clutch Pressure Plate: "Shinobi Pro" ', red 'Billet Clutch Spring Keepers ' and 'NCR Titanium Clutch Cover Bolt Kit'. We swapped out th
clutch spring bolts to Titanium as well.

M900 Project

M900 Project

Ths RCV instrument kit features an adjustable shift light.

Also pictured are the
RIZOMA Med Billet Reservoir- Horizontal: Black
, Cycle Cat bar risers,
CF Ignition Cover: Early Monster

CF Fuel Tank has been coated on the inside to protect it from ethanol.

CF Fuel Cap w/ Silver QR filler: Ducati/MV/Yam

The motor is what sets this bike apart.

The motor has a 944cc hi comp pistons. It has a flowed twin plug head, titanium rods,

It also features: EVOLUZIONE Performance Plugs & Wires,
MOTOWHEELS Billet Magnetic Drain Plug , MOTOWHEELS Billet Oil Fill Plug, Sil-Moto Equal Length "Spaghetti" Header , FRENTUBO "Kevlar" Oil Cooler Lines , FRENTUBO "Kevlar" Cylinder Head Oil Lines, abd
Magnesium engine cover, and
CF Cambelt Cover.

We are using a
SURFLEX Slipper Clutch w/ Plates.
We painted the pressure plate a deep red. It is protected by a
RCM Billet Clutch Cover "Open Air".

Also pictured is OHLINS Rear Shock: M600/750/900 '94-01 with a billet mount, CycleCat rear sets, CF Side Panel, CF "Corse"Heel Guards: 748-998 , CF Belly Pan: Monster "Long"


The Ohlins rear spring was replaced with a titanium spring:

Sil-Moto Equal Length "Spaghetti" Header
was ceramic coated in a silver aluminum finish

Billet Suspension hoop is made by Rizoma

Red lens was replaced with a clear
CLEAR ALTERNATIVES Lens. A superbright HEAVYCYCLES "LED" Tail Light/Turnsignals: Monster/Buell integrated board replaced the CA supplied LED light n the kit.

Chopped the tail and used a
MW License Plate Relocator: 749/999 to mount the plate.

A high quality pre preg
CF Passenger Seat Cover: Monster was painted
with a red stripe and clear coated. You could actually sit on this tail with
out hurting it.

Black KELLERMANN Micro1000 "Halogen" Turn Signal
were mounted on
MW Turn Signal Relocator Bracket

The exhaust is a Sil-Moto Hi Mount Slip-ons: M600-750-900, 00+

We have a
BST Carbon Fiber Rear Wheel
on the rear with an iron
BRAKETECH "Full Floating" Rear Rotor.
We used a Fren Tubo Kevlar line in the back.

To lighten the bike up some more: we used
DP "CF" Chain Adjuster Plates: Monster on the ends of the swingarm and titanium bolts through out:

TI Rear Rotor Bolts: Ducati Button,
TI Brake Caliper Thru Bolts,

RHINOMOTO Rear Axle Slider: Monster/ST/SS protects the back. We had to run a drill bit through the center of the swingarm to remove the burr in the middle which prevents the slider rod to slide through.

To lighten up the drive train, we used:
AFAM Light Front Sprocket: 14T-520, TI front sprocket bolts, D.I.D. 520ERV3 Chain,
AFAM Rear Sprocket: BST/Marchesini
, TI Sprocket Nuts and Titanium Cush Drive Pin,

MW Aluminum Sprocket Cover

MW Billet Reverse Shift Lever: Ducati
Billet Clutch Slave Cylinder 29mmDP aluminum flywheel
Fren Tubo Kevlar Clutch line

M900 Project

The Lower triple clamp was a one off made by Alex Ortner. The top triple and bar risers was made by Cycle Cat. It was one of the first production prototypes.

Also pictured is the BREMBO "GP" Forged Radial Brake M/C: 19x18, a carbon instrument housing, superbright Black KELLERMANN Micro1000 "Halogen" Turn Signal
FEBUR Oversize Oil Cooler: Monster
with a custom made screen.

The steering damper mount is a MW Billet Steering Damper Mount: Monster with a OHLINS Universal Steering Damper 68mm

The headlight is a JWS HID Headlight mounted in a blackpoweder painted Harley Headlight bucket. Larry from the "Busy Little Bike Shop" made the billet mount. We used titanium hardware to keep the weight down.

Mirrors are the little CRG Blindsight Mirror.
Reservoirs are RIZOMA .

Motowheels M900 Project

This is a monster that I built before I was involved with Motowheels in 1998.
It is another
bike that does not get ridden much anymore and may be gone pretty soon.

This is a
picture of it around 2002.

We painted it for the first Monster challenge and came in second:

This bike is extremely light. It is all carbon, magnesium and titanium.

The wheels are
BST carbon wheels. Rotors are BREMBO "Narrow Band 4 Pad" Front Rotor
SPIEGLER "Free Floating" Brake Rotor Buttons.
Calipers are the
BREMBO "4 Pad Radial" Cast Caliper with CARBONE LORRAINE Brake Pads: 4 Pad which are much more progressive than the OEM brembo

CF Front Fender: 748-998,Mon'00+,SS,ST is vented by inserting a screen. The forks are 748R forks with Ohlins internals and a MW Billet "Showa 100mm" Radial Lowers:748-998/SS/Mon/MS.

Barely visible are the titanium bolts:
TI Fork Axle Pinch Bolts
TI Rear Rotor Bolts: Mon/SS/888/ST
TI Front Caliper Mounting Bolts: Radial

The brake line is a
FREN TUBO "Kevlar" Brake Lines: F&R 749R/999R 2004

Hidden behind the
RHINOMOTO Front Axle Slider is a TI Front Axle